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  • Why can I not connect my controller on the app?

    Please ensure that the transformer you have purchased comes complete with the auto light sensor (photocell) with built-in Bluetooth controller.

    Some early model Elluminate products did not have this device included and therefore lacked Bluetooth functionality.

    If you do not have an auto light sensor (photocell) with built-in Bluetooth controller, you can buy this as a spare part and connect to any older Elluminate products and it will give you Bluetooth app control of your system.

    Secondly, check that the Bluetooth controller has been installed in the correct direction and that your power point is turned on.

    The app will not display the controller if it is plugged in incorrectly or not turned on.

  • Why are my lights not turning on?

    Firstly, ensure that the auto light sensor mode is turned off, as if you are testing your lights during the day, the photocell will ensure the lights stay turned off.

    Secondly, check that your lights have been correctly connected, the Bluetooth controller has been installed in the correct direction, and that your power point is turned on.

    Next, ensure that you have not exceeded the recommended 15 lights and 75m maximums. If you have, remove a couple of lights or reduce the run distance.

    You should also check the globes are correctly installed and have not been accidentally knocked loose. This is more likely to affect the bollards but can also happen to the spotlights.

    Finally, you can eliminate potential faulty cables by swapping out some lights or sections of cable by process of elimination.

  • Why doesn’t the timer on my lights work?

    Check that you have not set your system to Auto (Photocell Light Sensor) mode or Manual (On/Off) mode in the app. If you have, you will need to turn on the Timer function by tapping the Timer button.

  • How do I program the timer function?

    1. Open the Elluminate app on your smart device.
    2. Select the desired controller from the list of options, or if you only have one controller, tap the Timer button.
    3. Choose the day that you wish to program and tap the Start Time button to access your start time options.
    4. Use your finger to scroll the Hours, Minutes and AM/PM menus and tap the tick button when you’re finished.

    Repeat this process for each day of the week that you want the time to be enabled.

    Repeat this process again for the Stop times on each day.

  • Why do my Elluminate lights come on at sundown each night?

    The default setting of the Bluetooth controller and Auto Light Sensor is to be in Auto mode.

    This will turn your lights on at dusk and turn them off automatically at dawn.

    If you prefer them to work on a timer or manually you will need to change the settings in the Elluminate app.

  • Do I need to run my cable through electrical conduit?

    No, due to being safe 12V low voltage power, you do not have to use electrical conduit, however, we do recommend it if you are likely to dig or rake in the vicinity of the cable, or if you are going to pave over it etc. This is to protect the cable from damage rather than to avoid any kind of danger.

  • How do I choose my cables?

    We recommend you first plan where you wish to place your lights with a sketch of your garden and mark where you want things to be located.

    Allow enough lengths of cable to connect the furthest light and measure each length of cable required to join each light until you get back to the transformer and/or power point.

    From that, you will be able to calculate how many and what length cables you require to complete your installation.

    You can order 1m, 2m, 5m or 10m cables.

  • Is the transformer & Bluetooth controller waterproof?

    No, they are not submersible, so care should be taken as to their placement. However, they are IP65 rated, meaning they are weatherproof and will safely withstand rain or being wetted by sprinklers from time to time.

  • Can I purchase replacement globes?

    Yes, you can order replacement globes for the 2W small and 3W large spotlights as well as the Elluminate bollard lights.

    Having said that, we use high-quality LED globes as they are energy efficient and you can expect up to 10 years life out of your LED globes.

    Replacement globes are not available for the Elluminate deck lights.

  • Can a single controller connect to multiple smart devices?

    Yes, however, to manage a controller from a second device, you must first disconnect the controller from the primary device it is connected to.

  • Can I manage more than one controller from my smart device?

    Yes, you can connect as many controllers to your app as you like, but you will only be able to manage one controller at a time. Each controller can be managed individually within the app.

  • Can I use Elluminate garden lights with other brand transformers?

    No, Elluminate has been designed to operate as a complete system and we cannot guarantee this will work if used with another company’s products.

  • Can each light be controlled individually?

    No, as all lights are connected to the one transformer they can only be controlled as a group.

  • How far can I run my Elluminate 12v low voltage cable off one transformer?

    For a guaranteed result, we recommend not exceeding 75 metres of cable off one transformer. The only risk in running your cable further is what we call ‘voltage drop’.

    If you run your cable too far, you may see the quality of light emitting from the furthest lights decline.

  • How many lights can I use on my Elluminate transformer?

    The maximum recommended number of lights off one Elluminate transformer is 15.

  • Do I need an electrician to install Elluminate?

    No, your Elluminate 12V garden lighting system is low voltage and completely safe. The only time an electrician would be needed would be in the event you need to install a new power point to plug your transformer in.

    If you have an existing 3-pin power socket, then no electrician is required.

  • Are your lights solar-powered?

    No, they are powered by 12v AC electricity. This comes through a transformer plugged into a normal 240V 3-pin electrical socket or power point.

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